Cosmetic Dental Treatment in Vizag | Gum Lightening and Reshaping

If you want your smile, gums, and teeth to look their best, cosmetic dentistry is the way to go. Some of these surgeries may also have practical advantages, but their primary goal is to improve the patient's appearance. Cosmetic dental procedures most often include the following:




If you want your teeth, gums, and smile to look their best, you should seek out cosmetic dentists. Some of the most persuasive arguments in favour of cosmetic dental procedures are as follows:

  • Improve your smile by straightening out teeth that are chipped, stained, uneven, or crooked.
  • Elevate your confidence and grin.
  • Another way to enhance your oral health is with veneers or teeth whitening.
  • Address bite and dental issues.
  • Enhance your smile for a lifetime.
  • A licenced dentist can safely and effectively perform the procedure.


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Common Cosmetic  Dental  Treatments -

Teeth Whitening:

When you're older and more likely to drink things like soda, tea, coffee, and cigarettes, your teeth may lose some of their lustre.

Feeling self-conscious about your age due to discolored teeth is a real problem. Professional teeth whitening treatments are available at our Greenwood Village office, and they work wonders.

In-Office Whitening:

It is common practice to use a light or laser to accelerate the whitening process after applying a high-concentration bleaching gel to the teeth.

At-Home Whitening Kits:

The dentist will supply you with custom-fitted trays and gels with lesser concentrations to use at home.

Whitening Toothpastes:

Products sold without a prescription that include gentle abrasives and maybe whitening ingredients.



Altering your smile might give you a more youthful appearance and boost your self-confidence.

The restoration of a patient's smile is not limited to the placement of veneers or crowns on teeth that are already brighter. There are a lot of factors that need to be thought out and assessed before the dentist and patient can agree on the final smile design. Digital technology has made it possible to conduct a virtual evaluation of a patient's grin. In order to get that ideal smile, it may be required to undergo a variety of operations, including orthodontics, periodontal surgery, plastic surgery, cosmetic dentistry, oral surgery, and orthodontics. 


Smile Designing Advantages:

  • Tailored treatment programme for each patient
  • Enhances the appearance of the smile by combining veneers, orthodontic treatment, and teeth whitening.
  • Repair broken, discoloured, or spaced teeth.
  • Elevate your self-assurance with a custom smile design.
  • Resolve dental issues, such as missing teeth, to promote better oral health.
  • Having a more beautiful smile for years to come is possible with smile design.


Veneers -

A beautiful smile and whiter teeth are within reach with veneers. When you get veneers, thin, custom-made shells made of porcelain or resin cover the front surfaces of your teeth. Your teeth's shape, size, and colour can all be changed with this process.

When it comes to veneers, our dentists think big picture. We will address any oral health concerns that may exist before concentrating on aesthetics. In order to create veneers that are both aesthetically pleasing and functionally superior to your current teeth, we will carefully consider your facial structure and proportions. 

Veneers Advantages:

  • Fixes worn teeth, gaps, chips, and discoloration.
  • designed to appear natural and tailored to your specific needs for a picture-perfect grin.
  • It works just as well for enhancing a single tooth.
  • Fast Results



A person's likelihood of experiencing tooth loss increases with age due to the natural weakening of teeth. You might be asking why getting a tooth implant is so crucial, but the truth is that your remaining teeth will start to look worse if you put it off any longer.


The teeth around a lost tooth will move to fill the space if the tooth is not replaced. Additional, more severe dental issues, such as:

  • Misaligned teeth
  • Problems with the bite
  • Having trouble chewing
  • Pain in the jaw and teeth
  • Your facial features shifting

If you have lost a tooth as a result of an accident, gum disease, decay, or even heredity, we can assist you in getting your teeth back in good health so that you can smile with pride again.




You can tell a lot about your smile from the way your gums look. Gum Lightening and Reshaping is a cosmetic procedure that can change how your gums look. An overabundance of melanin deposition can provide the appearance of dark gums. Dark gums can be caused by a variety of things, including smoking and some drugs. Depigmentation techniques are helpful for pink gums.


Advantages of Gum Reshaping and Lightening:

  • Balance and even display of gum tissue can enhance the smile.
  • Proportionally lengthen short teeth.
  • Boost self-assurance to encourage individuals to engage in conversation and smile.
  • Better dental health is possible with the reduction of spaces between teeth and gums.
  • Most people can get right back to their regular lives after having their gums lightened and reshaped.
  • There is no discomfort or invasiveness associated with gum lightening and contouring.


Factors to Think About—


Due to their status as elective operations, insurance typically does not cover the high cost of cosmetic dental treatments.


To preserve the desired appearance, certain procedures necessitate continuous maintenance or touch-ups.


Unfortunately, not everyone is a good candidate for cosmetic procedures. To find out what choices are ideal for one's unique requirements and dental health, it's recommended to see a cosmetic dentist.

A variety of procedures are included in cosmetic dental treatments with the overarching goal of improving the aesthetics of your teeth and smile. Some of these treatments also have practical advantages in addition to boosting self-esteem and improving the appearance of the mouth. Get all the information you need to make an informed decision about your cosmetic dentistry treatment options by consulting with the Best Dental Clinic in Vizag. Apart from Cosmetic Dental Treatment in Vizag, we also provide Implant treatments, Braces Treatments, Full mouth rehabilitation treatments, Teeth Whitening treatments and many other dental-related treatments.

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