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If you're an adolescent or adult with crooked or misaligned teeth, you know how discouraging it may be. We understand how devastating it may be to your sense of self-worth at a point in your life when you want nothing more than to be yourself. 


Know more about Invisalign clear aligners for teens and adults: 

Let's first understand the treatment!!

With millions of adolescent teeth straightened by Invisalign treatment. We understand how appealing the idea of wearing invisible, removable aligners can be. How can you and your parents investigate Invisalign to straighten your teeth?


What is Invisalign Treatment?


Invisalign is a cutting-edge alternative to traditional braces that uses a set of custom-made, transparent aligners to shift your teeth into place. SmartTrack, the material used to create Invisalign clear aligners, has many advantages.

Before beginning Invisalign treatment, you can have a digital scan of your teeth. You can get an instantaneous preview of what you might look like with straighter teeth. As your teeth move closer to their final position, you will switch to a new set of clear aligners.

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Now! Let's look at the questions most teenagers and their parents have about Invisalign for teenagers:


Reasons why misaligned teeth may cause issues:

  • Incorrectly aligned teeth can cause complications such as:
  • Painful and expensive dental problems, including cavities and gum disease.
  • Improper bite can lead to eating and speech issues, which may have long-term effects on health.

Clenching or clenching your jaw is a common cause of pain and discomfort and can even lead to irreversible damage to your teeth if you grind them.

For instance, when teeth are crowded or crooked, keeping them clean is more challenging. It is because your toothbrush and floss won't get into all the crevices. This results in the formation of plaque, which can harden into tartar and cause gum disease.

Yet, when teeth are straight, it is much simpler to clean them with a toothbrush and floss. It helps in lowering the likelihood of plaque and gingivitis accumulating.


What is the process of Invisalign treatment?


Invisalign uses custom-made transparent plastic aligners. After obtaining a digital impression of your teeth, Invisalign uses its cutting-edge software and a database of millions of patients to map out the precise tooth motions needed to give you your dream smile. They are like tooth aligners and clear braces. You can even preview your new smile on a screen before treatment! After baby teeth fall out, it can accommodate grownup teeth.

After a week or two, your teeth straighten as you switch to the following clear aligners. In other words, you can straighten your teeth without having to deal with metal brackets and wires, which can be painful and irritating. You'll wear each set of aligners for 20 to 22 hours daily, only taking them off to eat and drink.

Invisalign treatment is different from old-school metal braces. Your parents will like to see how teeth-straightening technology has advanced since they were teens. See How Invisalign Works. Visit our website for extra information!


Benefits of Invisalign clear aligners for teens:


First, understand Invisalign's clear aligners for teens. Such as:

  • No wires means no wire breaks and fewer doctor visits.
  • Flexible treatment schedules.
  • Faster than metal braces for some.
  • No uncomfortable wire or bracket operations.
  • No food restrictions with invisalign unlike braces where you have to avoid hard and sticky food items..
  • Invisalign clear braces are invisible, making them virtually non-existent on wear unlike metal braces.
  • Clear aligners improve oral health because they're removable for brushing and flossing.
  • It is best for adults who think they cannot get braces treatment at their age.

Parents may find it helpful to view Invisalign treatment as a long-term investment. Early Invisalign treatment may boost self-confidence, assurance, and expressiveness.

Communicate with other teenagers and their parents who have tried or are currently using Invisalign clear aligners. It's the best option when compared to traditional metal braces.

Invisalign won't change your lifestyle:

It is crucial, as some parents may be wary that getting Invisalign may need a radical shift in their child's daily routine. Which could have unintended consequences in other areas of their life, such as academics or socialization. But, thanks to the convenience and discretion of Invisalign transparent aligners.  Neither your appearance nor your daily routine needs to be compromised in any way.

There is no need to deal with the inconveniences of traditional metal braces. It is because the aligners may be removed for eating, drinking, and dental hygiene. Invisalign's clear aligners won't impair your active lifestyle or sports. Because of their flexibility and lack of visible metal brackets, Invisalign transparent aligners pose no danger of damage or discomfort during contact sports, whereas metal braces do. Don't remove your Invisalign clear aligners unless you're ready to change your lifestyle.

Because of so many benefits, not only children but adults also prefer invisalign for their teeth correction.

Cost of Invisalign treatment:

It's often mentioned that Invisalign treatment might not be the most cost-effective option. The value generated relative to alternative teeth straightening treatments is the primary consideration when discussing prices. Each set of parents and teenagers will come to their conclusion here.


The expense of Invisalign treatment can be spread over time through a payment plan that your doctor may offer. In conclusion, don't be shy about asking questions. Consider your choices before committing to Invisalign treatment, which can be expensive. We have the Best Dental Clinic in Waltair Uplands, Siripuram where we provide various dental services like Root Canal treatment, Laser Dentistry, Dental Braces, Dental Implants etc.. Our medical professionals will help you determine the best course of action.  We  discuss your options and provide you with the associated costs.



Q1) What is the Minimum Age for Invisalign Treatment for a Child?

Teenagers whose adult teeth have come in are good candidates for Invisalign treatment. It takes place around the time a child turns 11-12 years old.

Q2) If my teen misplaces an aligner, what will happen?

If your adolescent misplaces an aligner before the two-week replacement period, you may reach to your orthodontist who can order replacement aligners. Or  your orthodontist might let you advance to the next set of aligners early.

Q3) What Is the Recommended Period for My Teen to Wear Aligners?

When it comes to Invisalign, the length of time you commit to wearing them determines the quality of results you get. Invisalign works by moving teeth into the new position established by the aligner. Misaligned teeth can be fixed using aligners because of the motion caused by their design.

It may be uncomfortable for your teen for the first few days, but it is important to remind them to wear it for at least 22 hours daily. Your teen can remove the aligners for eating and cleaning their teeth each morning and night.

Q4) How uncomfortable is the procedure going to be for my teen?

Compared to traditional braces, Invisalign aligners are less invasive and uncomfortable. You may experience some initial discomfort but the journey becomes very easy as you progress further in your treatment. 

Q5) Does Invisalign affect sports participation?

Teenagers wearing Invisalign braces can still take part in any sport they like. Traditional metal braces pose risks during contact sports.

Yet, since Invisalign aligners can be removed, you can still use your traditional mouth guard during athletic events or wear your mouth guard over top of your Invisalign braces.

Sports like football, tennis, basketball, cycling, and gymnastics are all fine to take part in while wearing Invisalign. For full-contact sports like boxing, wrestling, MMA, and rugby, you should remove your Invisalign aligners and wear a mouth guard instead.

Q6) Is there any age restriction to get invisalign treatment ?

Invisalign is best suited for adults as it is virtually invisible and does not change your lifestyle. There is no age restriction for getting your teeth alignment done with invisalign if you have healthy teeth and gums.