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High-end Equipment - ITERO intraoral scanner in Vizag

The dental industry has been evolving in many ways about technology. Many pieces of Equipment have been introduced to make work easy. At Dental Studio Vizag, best Dental Equipment and Treatments in Vizag have expert doctors like Dr Chakradhar Sana, who is the best Periodontology and Implantology Specialist and Dr Kopal Agarwal, one of the Best Orthodontics & Dentofacial Orthopaedics, who uses the latest Equipment that can scan your mouth giving a full view of the oral issues. Dental Studio Vizag has recently welcomed two new high-end Equipment named the ITERO intraoral scanner, the first of which is in Vizag. No other clinic in Vizag possesses such an advanced scanner that can help doctors understand patients' moral issues.


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ITERO intraoral scanner -

What is an ITERO intraoral scanner?

When used with the Invisalign® system, the iTero scanner is meant to work flawlessly. iTero scanners are the only ones that can power the Invisalign® Outcome Simulator chairside programme, which helps patients see what their teeth might look like when their treatment is over.

What is the purpose of an iTero scanner?

Safe optical and laser technology is used by the iTero camera to take a digital picture of the structure of your teeth and gums. For methods like Invisalign Clear Aligners, the 3D scans are beneficial.

What is the point of using iTero?

Doctors use a wand to move the iTero intraoral camera around the mouth of their patients. Every second, the stick takes hundreds of pictures, which are then "stitched" together to make a three-dimensional picture of the patient's mouth.

Which advantages does the iTero have?

These scanners are very exact and make 3D pictures of a patient's teeth and gums that are very clear. With this level of accuracy, dentists can better figure out what's wrong and develop better ways to treat it.


Apart from the ITERO scanner, they also have an Illusion iScanPro intraoral scanner. Let us know what it is and what's the use of it.


Illusion iScanPro intraoral scanner -

What is an Illusion iScanPro intraoral scanner?

iScanPro puts the patients' comfort first by screening them without harm. With these new ways, patients can get dental impressions without the mess and pain that come with the old ones. This method is friendly to patients, builds trust, and improves dental experience. 

What is the purpose of an Illusion iScanPro intraoral scanner?

Within-the-mouth scanners utilise cutting-edge 3D imaging methods to record the precise form and outlines of the teeth. Being able to give accurate and suitable treatment, the dentist can get better scanning results and a clearer picture of the patient's tooth structure.

 What is the point of using an Illusion iScanPro intraoral scanner?

iScanPro is an intraoral camera. The Illusion iScanPro intraoral scanner helps the dentist to generate perfect  tooth prostheses. The process is speed that makes it comfortable for the patients to complete the process of making and sending out the tooth prostheses.

Which advantages does the Illusion iScanPro intraoral scanner have?

A lot of people praise how accurate intraoral screening is. This technology is the most accurate one, and it eliminates all the things that can go wrong with standard impressions, like blurring, bubbles, tears, and so on. 


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The following Equipment that the studio possesses is the Biolase LASER. Let's know more about it.


Biolase LASER -

What is Biolase LASER?

A dentistry laser called Biolase uses low-level laser energy to do many delicate oral and gum procedures. It is done with less bleeding and often without needing a needle for local anaesthesia. 

What is the purpose of Biolase LASER?

It is made for dental uses, like filling cavities and repairing soft tissues, and BIOLASE dental laser technology is perfect for those. Find out why Waterlase is the best dentistry laser for your business. 

Which advantage does Biolase LASER have?

Haemoglobin and melanin absorb many diode wavelengths, but tooth hard tissue absorbs very little. The diode laser helps the wound heal after surgery by cutting, coagulating, ablating, or vaporising the areas around the tooth structure that need less damage.

Let's talk about their ⁠Best Autoclave for instrument sterilisation equipment. 


Autoclave Instrument Sterilisation Equipment-

What is an Autoclave for instrument sterilisation equipment?

In some places, autoclaves are used for commercial or medical purposes. They are also called steam sterilisers. To kill bacteria, fungi, and dangerous viruses, you can place them inside a pressure vessel and turn on the Autoclave. 

What is the use of Autoclave Instrument Sterilisation Equipment?

People sometimes call autoclaves "steam sterilisers," usually used in hospitals or factories. Within a pressure vessel, an autoclave uses steam under pressure to kill bacteria, viruses, fungi, and spores that are dangerous to things put inside it. 

The last piece of Equipment that Dental Studio Vizag owns is the Digital X-ray (RVG) machine. 


Digital X-ray (RVG)-

What are Digital X-rays?

A new type of X-ray imaging called digital radiography (DR) immediately makes a digital picture on a computer. During the study of an object, x-ray-sensitive plates are used to record data. It is then sent to a computer without an intermediate cassette. 

What does RVG X-ray mean?

You can use RVG technology instead of X-rays in dentistry. RVG stands for "Radio VisioGraphy."

What is the purpose of Digital X-rays (RVG)? 

It gives a prominent picture of the tooth and closed structures on the computer screen. Thus speeding up dental care and eliminating the need for guesswork or confusion. Digital radiography uses a digital device to take a picture of the tooth or the tissue that supports it. 

Which advantage does Digital X-rays (RVG) have?

New digital radiography (DR) imaging tools make more accurate images possible that are safer for patients, easier to use, and faster. All these improvements are better. 


So, Dental Studio Vizag uses advanced technology that helps to solve many oral issues in patients suffering from various gum problems. We also provide complete mouth rehabilitation treatment, braces treatment, Invisalign treatment, teeth whitening treatment, and many more. To understand dental treatments, visit the Dental Studio Vizag near Siripuram.