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Some of the most impressive things that Dr Kopal Agarwal has done in the field of dentistry are her work as an Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopaedics expert. Her business, Dental Studio Vizag, is close to Siripuram, and she owns a share in it. As a leader in dental care, Dr. Agarwal has earned both a Bachelor of Dental Surgery (B.D.S.) and a Master of Dental Surgery (M.D.S.) from Manipal University. It goes into great detail about Dr. Agarwal's long and successful career, her academic successes, and her dedication to giving her patients the best orthodontic care possible.


Best Orthodontics in Vizag


Early Life and Education:

Growing up, Dr. Kopal Agarwal wanted to change people's looks and improve their oral health. She went to Manipal University to get her Bachelor of Dental Surgery (B.D.S.). Also, showed great dedication and intellectual skill. Because she wanted to become an expert in Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopaedics, she went to a prestigious school and earned her Master of Dental Surgery (M.D.S.) degree. She won the award for being the best college student in her course. She was named the best dentist in the South Korean Tweed course.

Academic Honours and Achievements:

During her education, Dr Agarwal's excellent work and dedication to her craft won her a lot of praise. The prestigious Best Postgraduate Student Award was given to her in honour of her outstanding accomplishments and services to the field of dentistry. In addition, her dedication to success earned her the title of Best Performing Dentist in the prestigious South Korean Tweed Course. It shows how skilled and knowledgeable she is in orthodontics.

Profession and Contributions:

As a professional, Dr. Kopal Agarwal has always been dedicated to providing changing orthodontic care and making patients happy. She has a lot of experience and knowledge, and through her clinical work, study, and academic work, she has made significant contributions to the field of orthodontics.

Dr. Agarwal was an Assistant Professor at HIND Medical College, Lucknow, and she had a significant impact on the next group of dentists. Her love for teaching and mentoring motivated many students to strive for greatness and provide care that is centred on the patient.

Specialisation and Treatment:

As an expert in orthodontics, Dr. Agarwal can fix a wide range of tooth and facial problems, make teeth look better, and make it easier to eat and speak. She knows a lot about set orthodontic treatments, removable braces, and new, cutting-edge options like Invisalign, which is a popular way to straighten teeth without anyone knowing.

Dr Agarwal is an expert in cosmetic braces and can give patients a variety of choices that look good to get the smile makeover they want. She also uses myofunctional appliances to help kids with teeth and facial deformities with problems like thumb sucking, tongue thrusting, lisping, and speech issues by tailoring her treatments to each child's needs.

Patient-centred care and kindness:

Putting patient-centred care and caring treatment at the centre of Dr Kopal Agarwal's work is what drives her. She treats orthodontic patients as a whole, taking into account not only their dental needs but also their general health and goals for how they look. She puts open conversation, empathy, and patient education at the top of his list of priorities. This way, she can make sure that every person feels empowered and well-informed throughout their treatment.


Customer Reviews:

Mahesh Kandipilli:

Hi, my name is Durga Mahesh. Earlier this year, I was in a bike crash. My jaw bones broke in more than one place. My jaw was fixed by Dr Chakradhar, who also did surgery on it and other treatments like root canals. For my surgery, one hospital offered a very high price, but Dr. Chakradhar did the whole thing for almost a third of that. It was hard for me to eat after that because my bite wasn't good. To improve my bite and smile, Dr. Kopal adjusted my teeth with braces. My bite is now even after six months of braces. All of my problems with allies were fixed in just one year of treatment. I'm grateful to Sir and Madam. If you have a dental problem, I think you should all go to the dental workshop. It is the best dentist's office in Visakhapatnam.


Nimitha Gudla:

I have no words to tell you how WONDERFUL The Dental Studio is for me. Since my first visit, Dr. Kopal Agarwal and Dr. Chakradhar Sana have been so kind and patient with me. Fillers have been in my teeth for a long time, and I've never been eager to get braces fixed. For me, "Invisaligners" are the best, most effective, and painless process they have shown me. They tell you the pros and cons of the treatment and are very open about it. Just keep doing it and wait for it to work out. I'm happy I chose this method. My teeth are cleaner than they've ever been since all of my gaps have been filled. You can count on "The Dental Studio" to give you the best care, along with regular check-ups and careful analysis. They wouldn't tell you anything that you don't need to hear. You can ask them anything you want. I would highly recommend them. They'd be happy to answer all of your questions. Thanks for your service!!


Jsk P V:

For a long time, the traditional braces I had at another dental centre weren't working, so I went to the dental studio. Instead of traditional braces, they offered Invisaligners and talked me through the process while helping me. Overall, I'm happy with the care and professionalism of Dr. Chakradhar Sana, Dr. Kopal Agarwal, and their staff. Thank you for being so helpful.


Jadumani Durga:

At the Dental Studio in Visakhapatnam, Dr. Kopal Agarwal Ma'am put braces on my sister. We're so happy now that the treatment is over, and I'm so proud of my smile. Before the treatment, I was always shy and unhappy with my smile. We came from Orissa to this practice in Visakhapatnam. I am happy with my smile now that I got good care. Dr. Kopal, ma'am, is very lovely, and she helped me feel better about myself while I smiled. 


Heena Durga:

I got braces from Dr. Kopal Agarwal, ma'am. Before treatment, my face and teeth didn't look good. The doctor offered braces, and I got them two years ago. I'm pleased with the results.


In conclusion:

In the fields of orthodontics and dentofacial orthopaedics, Dr. Kopal Agarwal, B.D.S., M.D.S. is the best. Many people admire and respect her for how hard she works to do well in university. How well she takes care of her patients and how creatively she treats dental problems. Dr. Agarwal's unwavering drive for greatness continues to change the way orthodontic care is done, making smiles look better and improving her patients' lives.