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When we realize that our child's fixed teeth are crooked the first thing that comes to our mind is to get braces done. We all wanted to improve our smiles in many ways and dental braces is one of the best way to do it. Dental braces have been around since 1800's and have been improving the smiles of many from then.

Today we all know about braces and how well they have been evolving in today's life. We have many types of braces for kids to choose from as they have come a long way giving the best possible solution for your crooked teeth. Apart from braces you also have Invisalign treatment as an option for braces. But many are not sure about how they work and which one is best.

Many of us have questions about what to choose metal braces or clear aligners? Is it better to get Invisalign instead of Braces? Let's check the important differences between Invisalign and Braces to help your child decide what's best.


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Let study how dental braces and invisalign work?

Unless one has experience with braces you might not understand how they work. Let's know more about both the treatments by comparing them better.


If you choose traditional braces treatment, then metal braces will be glued to the surface of each tooth. The dental doctor will move a metal archwire between each bracket. The orthodontist will use O-rings that are coloured and you can choose anycolor you like. If you are not a fancy person then you can choose clear braces which will be less visible and they are an equal match to your teeth. Later to move the teeth back to a better position the doctor can change the archwire as required.


A three-dimensional picture of the patient's mouth is used to make clear braces. The patient gets a series of clear trays that are slightly different from the last one. These trays move the teeth by less than a millimetre each time. Each tray moves the tooth into a better place than the one before it. And each tray is worn for one to two weeks before the next one is put on. It's easy to put on and take off your Invisalign plates. 


Which one is better? Invisalign or metal braces?

Let's talk in detail as the treatment depends on many number of things.

If you have orthodontic issues then traditional braces or Invisalign treatment are best ways to treat for better results. Sometimes braces are well suited for teeth alignment and sometimes clear aligners are better. It depends on how crooked the teeth are the dental doctor will decide which one is better for you. Then some bites are fixed just as well by both. It's always better to talk with your orthodontist about your dental issues as they will help you choose the right method that is best for your child.


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Still, there are a lot of other things that affect which treatment choice is best.


Fewer differences -

When it comes to feelings, the biggest difference between regular braces and Invisalign is clear. Having wire bands and brackets permanently connected to your teeth is scary for adults, and kids who are getting close to the age when they need orthodontic help worry more about their social standing than most adults.

Traditional metal braces are great for some kids because they let them choose the colour of their braces every time they have a visit. But some people would rather not have braces that are so obvious on their mouths.

Since Invisalign is harder to see, kids who are worried about how their treatment looks tend to spend less time feeling self-conscious about it. Parents and kids usually choose Invisalign over traditional metal braces because of the risk of worry and low self-esteem that come with them.


Invisalign vs. Braces for Kids Comfort

Adjusting a person's smile requires moving their teeth, which may be painful or uncomfortable for your child. For those who have braces or Invisalign, this is still true. Still, a factor why many parents choose Invisalign for their kids is that clear aligners might be less painful than braces while still doing a great job. 

Wearing Invisalign will cause your child less pain over time because it puts less pressure on their teeth. Additionally, the surfaces of Invisalign aligners are smooth, while many types of braces have sharp metal edges that can hurt your child's tongue and inner lips. This is very important if your kid plays sports.

On the other hand, keep in mind that as your child gets used to the treatment process, both Invisalign and braces will become more comfortable.


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Which Is Faster: Invisalign or Braces?

If you need to straighten your teeth, either clear aligners or braces will take a different amount of time to work. The normal time to get braces off is 12 to 36 months, but in the worst cases, it can take even longer.

Note that clear braces aren't always the best solution for the worst orthodontic problems. Most of the time, braces are faster than other types of orthodontic care for cases that are more complicated or hard. It really depends on the problem at hand, though, since clear aligners are getting better at fixing tough dental issues.

Wearing braces all the time during treatment is not an option with Invisalign plates, which are only worn for about 22 hours a day. Another thing is that kids who choose Invisalign treatment have to be dedicated to it. The time needed for treatment will get longer if your child isn't very responsible and forgets to wear their aligners for the right amount of time.

It's not right to take instant decision on choosing metal braces or Invisalign. It's the orthodontist who can give a clear picture about how much time the procedure will take place and which braces to opt for.


How Well Invisalign and Metal Braces Work:

This is something that most people know: metal braces can straighten teeth. If one opts for metal braces then it's success rate is high as only the orthodontist can remove them. So if your kids requires the treatment then you can choose the braces and the process will take place everyday as long as the brackets do not break. Because they are so strong, braces are also a great choice if your child's teeth are badly out of place. 

Invisalign aligners are very good at straightening teeth that are slightly to fairly misaligned. When kids wear them right, they have a good chance of succeeding, but this also creates a problem. Many people forget to put their clear aligners back in or wear them for the recommended amount of time because they can take them out. If you decide to get Invisalign for your child, make sure they remember to wear their trays as their dentist tells them to.

At the end of the day, both standard braces and clear aligners can help you get great orthodontic results. For some bites, braces work better than Invisalign. What happens after that will depend on the habits and tolerances of each patient. If money is the most important thing, metal braces will usually win. But we know that having your teen get braces will have a big effect on their life, no matter which way you choose.



If you're worried that your kid won't be able to stay committed to the food restrictions and upkeep that come with braces, Invisalign may be a good option. Yes, there are some things that Invisalign can't completely fix. If your teeth are very badly out of place, Invisalign might not work as well. That being said, ceramic braces might be best. We at Dental Studio Vizag dentistry may suggest that you start with regular braces and then switch to Invisalign Treatment as the alignment gets better. 

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