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The arrival of your wisdom teeth marks a major step in your dental development. When they do arrive, though, the question of whether or not they should remain always arises. In this blog, we'll discuss why it's important to have your wisdom teeth extracted, the risks associated with not doing so, the positive outcomes that can follow, the best time to have the process done, and how Dental Studio Vizag, one of the best dental clinic in Visakhapatnam can be your reliable partner in making this important dental health decision.


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Failure to Extract Wisdom Teeth

Cluttered and crooked:

When wisdom teeth are unable to erupt into their appropriate positions because of crowding, the surrounding teeth might become crooked or even get dislodged.

Pain from Impact:

Impaction of the wisdom teeth is a common cause of pain, oedema, and restricted mouth opening.

Possible Infections:

Infections and gum disease are more likely to manifest around wisdom teeth because of how far back in the mouth they are.

Rare Cysts and Tumours:

Rarely, jawbone and neighbouring teeth might be damaged when cysts or tumours form around impacted wisdom teeth.


Wisdom tooth extraction has many advantages:

Avoids Issues:

The risks of crowding, misalignment, and impaction can be reduced or eliminated with an extraction.

Comfort Reduction:

If your wisdom teeth are causing you pain, swelling, or discomfort, having them extracted may be the answer.

Lowers Infection Risk:

Impacted or improperly positioned wisdom teeth increase the risk of infection and gum disease, which can be avoided by having them extracted.

Protects Your Teeth and Gums:

When wisdom teeth cause problems, it's best to have them extracted to prevent damage to the other teeth and gums.


When should wisdom teeth be extracted?

Wisdom teeth removal is a highly individual process that a number of circumstances can alter. Some of these factors could be:

Visit to the Dentist: 

It is crucial to have regular dental examinations in order to track the development and emergence of wisdom teeth. Dental X-rays, physical exams, and patient histories can all help dentists determine if an extraction is truly necessary.

Present symptoms: 

Wisdom teeth extraction may be suggested to treat discomfort, oedema, infection, or other symptoms caused by impacted molars.

Crowding and Alignment: 

An extraction may be necessary for orthodontic reasons if the development of wisdom teeth poses a threat to the alignment of existing teeth.


Younger patients have a better chance of a speedy recovery and fewer postoperative problems. It may be wise to undertake extraction at a young age to prevent future difficulties.

Overall Wellness: 

Important considerations include the patient's general health and surgical candidature.


What Occurs During the Actual Extraction?

Sedation and Anaesthesia:

Local anaesthesia or sedative is given before the surgery to make sure the patient doesn't feel anything.

Extraction via Incision:

A tiny incision in the gum may be necessary to reach an impacted tooth. The tooth is then gently removed from the mouth.

Possible stitching:

When an incision has been made, stitches may be necessary to ensure the wound heals properly.

Restoration and Follow-Up Care:

Patients are given postoperative instructions on what they should and shouldn't do in terms of diet, medicine, and dental hygiene after their treatment.


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Why You Should Visit Dental Studio Vizag:

Make educated decisions regarding your oral health with the help of Dental Studio Vizag near Siripuram. In order to ensure that your wisdom teeth extraction Treatment goes as smoothly and painlessly as possible, our skilled team of dental professionals is committed to offering personalised care and guidance. We put your health and comfort first at every stage of the procedure, using cutting-edge technology and focusing on you as an individual.


What Happens If You Ignore Impacted Teeth?

When the third molars, often known as wisdom teeth, do not fully erupt through the gums, a dental disorder known as impaction occurs. They can also press on the nerves of neighbouring teeth if they develop at an angle. Such teeth are notoriously difficult to keep free of plaque buildup. Cavities, tooth decay, infection, gingivitis, and other oral health problems can arise.

Even so, why do so many people put off getting treatment for their impacted teeth? We must warn you that this is a severe tooth problem that requires quick attention. Ignoring the issue could lead to what? Check it out!

Infectious Bacteria-

When people with impacted teeth don't get them fixed, it often leads to painful gum disease and bacterial oral infections. Redness, swelling, and inflammation of the gums can make the situation much worse. Dental antibiotics will be used to treat the illness. Oral surgery to lift the gum flap and expose the teeth may be necessary in extreme circumstances. It's important to keep in mind that these bacterial infections can get into the bloodstream and affect your kidneys, heart, and other organs directly.

Struggle with Brushing - 

Teeth that are impacted are always incomplete or emerge in unusual places. Inconveniently, this makes keeping them clean nearly impossible. If left untreated, this condition can lead to tooth pain, decay, and cavities. Thus, if you have an impacted tooth, it's in your best interest to see a dentist about having it extracted.

Affects Neighbouring Teeth - 

Did you realise that your other teeth could be at risk if you let an impacted tooth go untreated? If you have discomfort in your teeth or the gums around them, you should see a dentist every once. To see how severely the impacted teeth are affected, the dentist will take an x-ray. In severe cases, tooth extraction may be the only way to alleviate the pain.

Cyst - 

If an impacted tooth remains beneath the gums for an extended period, a cyst may form. It's a severe dental ailment that might cause the jaw to recede or damage the nerves there. Additionally, the patient may experience discomfort when eating, swallowing, or drinking because of this cyst. This dental cyst can only be removed by removing the affected tooth.

It is what happens when your impacted wisdom teeth aren't extracted or treated. Some of the consequences of procrastination might last a lifetime. It's usually best to get your wisdom teeth and molars extracted if they're impacted and getting in the way of your dental hygiene. In light of this, please see a qualified dentist as soon as possible to have them extracted.

To shift focus to the topic of wisdom teeth in good health. You see, if your wisdom teeth erupt in a healthy and normal position, they may not need to be extracted. The health of these wisdom teeth is important to monitor; thus, regular dental visits are recommended.





An experienced dentist should be consulted when deciding whether to remove the wisdom teeth or keep them in place. It's crucial to have a firm grasp of the potential challenges of retaining them. Know that your oral health is in good hands with the help of professionals like those at Dental Studio Vizag. We also provide various other treatments like Root Canal treatment, Biolase laser treatment, Dental Braces , Teeth Whitening and many more. Keep in mind that your teeth and gums are something you can take with you wherever you go.